Broad Topics (to be introduced by invited Keynote Speakers)

Contributions from all relevant fields of Geosciences, as well as, Engineering and Architecture are welcome. In particular, we invite contributions to the following topics:

  • Global Change and Natural Disasters (earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc.);
  • Natural disaster prevention;
  • Seismic responses of historical buildings and their vulnerability (techniques used in buildings, structural and material systems, laboratory and field testing, etc.);
  • Geophysical/Geotechnical surveys for scenario modelling and simulation;
  • Effects of extreme climate and/or meteorological disastrous events (El Nino, Global Warming, Hurricanes, etc.);
  • Special Session about Inca ruins (Macchu Picchu, etc.) with 1 day field trip to Macchu Picchu.